New ride GO🌹RTW-1
Fist Round The World – two of us, one bike, getting ready…

”Let’s go!”

We decided to go on a trip…around the world…first round with the motorcycle…the start date is set, and the way is getting clearer…the route has been roughly sketched, but needs a lot of polishing and fine tuning. We are not going for the extremes, our goal is an easy ride through the happy places meeting nice people along the way.

Although this site has just been setup, we already linked it to various social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. When everything gets ready, we will start our planning.

Still undecided is wether to post the planning phase online or just do it quietly. We do lean on the quiet side at the moment. As soon as we know more or change our mind about posting our plans, we will let everyone know 🙂

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