Aroundthelife Scuba Diving

Lovely Batfish

Batfish school, Sail Rock, Gulf of Thailand

I was lucky with the light and many Batfish swimming around the Batfich Pinnacle, Sail Rock. The peace and tranquillity underwater is mesmerizing and the Batfish simply gorgeous.

Here and there one can also spot a Whaleshark around.

Happy me with Sail Rock in the background
Aroundthelife Scuba Diving

Sailrock rocks

School of fish, Sailrock, Gulf of Thailand

Underwater photo, shot with Gopro 7 Hero Black camera, at depth of 14m on a diving vacation in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Fish seen in the waters surrounding Sail Rock include:

  • Groupers
  • Mooray Eeels
  • Batfish
  • Boxfish
  • Barracudas
  • Boxer Shrimps
  • Pufferfish
  • Remoras
  • Titan Triggerfish
  • and Whalesharks ❤️
School of fish, Sailrock, Gulf of Thailand

Aroundthelife Flying

I believe i can fly

First day of a flying trip around the EU with my son

Airplane tied down on an airport after landing. Ready to go exploring on foot.

Aerial view on a nice coastal village and a beach before landing at Mallorca airport

Taking photos in the air while flying an airplane is demanding but not impossible. Some of the best memories are kept this way.

Nothing like a selfie while looking at the instrument panel
Aroundthelife Skiing

The Dream

My Dream Mountain, Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

My childhood dream was to ski in Zermatt, below the Matterhorn mountain. A few years ago this dream got real as i invited my wife to join me for a skiing trip.

The only problem: she actually never learned how to ski.

So I decided to help her learn and she decided to give it a try. And what a try that was. On the positive side, there was New Year 2017, we started our journey a few days ago.

But on the more demanding side, at around 3000m it was -15 degrees Celsius and wind blowing hard, sometimes even more than 70km/h. Not at all the easiest conditions, especially for someone that practically never skied before.
Aroundthelife Skiing

The First Day

Grächen St.Niklas Ski Resort Map

We decided to start learning right after New Years, nearby Zermatt, in the Grächen, St.Niklaus Ski Resort.

Grächen is a superfriendly, nice and beautiful Ski Resort, that can accommodate families, beginners, but also more demanding skiers alike.

First day was a great success. My wife stepped on the skis for the first time and she did it with grace and enthusiasm. We learned some basics, how to move, how to stop and how to control the speed.

At first, she was really really afraid of the speed, so she developed an innovative stopping system – falling down intentionally. This was rather difficult thing to make her stop doing – and not a very pleasant for her to practice in the first place. But, after a day’s worth of falling, standing up and mastering basic skills, she was able to move fairly good, although also rather hurt and a bit pissed – the falling (and me yelling at her) took the toll, of course.

I was called a terrible teacher before.

End of the first day, happy wife, happy life
Aroundthelife Skiing

The Break

Night view of the Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

After the first day, we took a break and visited the famous, awesome, beautiful, really indescribable Ski Resort Zermatt right below the Matterhorn mountain.

The images, the setting, the stars, the night were enchanting, simply gorgeous and we enjoyed a romantic dinner in the restaurant at 3.100m above sea level. Oh, did we mention that you can also spend the night or whole vacation there?

Gornergrat Kulm Hotel and Restaurant (and also an Observatorium)

Afterwards, Violeta decided that no matter what, she will learn to ski properly, to be able to enjoy the terrains above and below as much as possible.

The bait was set.

Aroundthelife Skiing

The Struggle

Riding the ski lift can be challenging

After the wonderful day at the mountain and romantic dinner at the top of it, the next day was going to be intermediate learning and more demanding excercises.

The falling-breaking system was no longer tolerated.

The motivation was: if she learns to ski properly, we are going to ski in the Zermat the very next day. So she did!

We were soooo excited.

Aroundthelife Skiing

Dreams came true

She did it – on the skis with Matterhorn in the background.

The challenge was real and very demanding, but the reward….unbelievable…happiness…sense of achievement…proud teacher…and sooo much fun to have.

Zermatt Ski Resort, right below the Matterhorn mountain

We skied all around the Zermatt Resort, from the top to the bottom, in all weather conditions, from strong winds (70 km/h) and low temperatures (even -20 degrees C) to calm and sunny weather. The Matterhorn was kind to us.

The slopes were in top shape, prepared with fresh, natural snow on the mountain and in the lower regions with artificial snow.

We skied all the terrains, from blue slopes, suitable for beginners, through red, more demanding, intermediate slopes, all through to black ones, appropriate for experienced skiers. She did it all.

I was so proud. And happy. And so was she.

The longest slope we took was nearly 25km, from the top to the bottom of the valley. Amazing.

Violeta learned to ski (properly, i must say) and my dream to visit Zermatt in winter came true in such a rewarding and good way.

We were happy.

Chilling on sun next to the Matterhorn
Aroundthelife Skiing

The Review

After two days of practice the first more demanding slope and some fun on it
More of the same slope with first steps into the unknown
Mastering the previous excercise is a good practice to enjoy skiing
And the final video of already proper skiing and having fun along the way

Aroundthelife Skiing

Rogla ski fun

Nice smooth moves, easy skiing by my wife, great progress, especially for someone that just barely learned how to ski. So very proud of her 😍

And finally this year, after only one week practice three years ago, we see that skiing is like bicycle riding – once you know how it’s easy. Greeeeat success 😎😎😎😎